Real love

Real love puts the other persons feelings before their own. Real
love is when you can't get enough of each other.
Real love knows that no one is perfect and can look past all the flaws
and imperfections. Real love knows no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes,
therefore real love holds no grudges against the person it loves. Real love looks beyond the appearance of a person and looks also at the inner beauty, for looks
fade away. Real love takes interest in the other persons interests. Real love confides in the person it loves,not only as a lover but as a friend.
Real love does not allow outside interference to destroy what love has built. Real love grows and flourishes day to day,real love makes it known that no matter what
its here to stay. Real love does not hold onto the past but presses forward towards
whats ahead. Real love is true love they are one in the same,real love has the power
to put hate to shame. Real love is when you can still look the person in their eyes
and know they have your back through good times and bad. real love is when the person
knows what to do and say to make the other happy when their sad.Real love accepts the
good of the person along with the bad.If you find real love hold onto it,cherish it,
nurture it. Embrace real love for it is a gift from above,fragile but pure like a

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