Real [May 22, 2016]

Inside my sickening darkness
I am suffocating and heartless
Inside my maddening thoughts of you
It drives me from the truth

Inside my heart, You feel the dark
Inside the abyss, Its where I lurk
If you give me trust, I'll slit your throat
Inside the dark, I sit upon my throne

You don't believe me, you bring me trust
I told you once, I'll tell you again
I'm just too dark, I cannot hide
It's how I am, I cannot lie

Cause upon this throne, I lay to waste
All those who love, all those who care
If you get too close, you could be next
Don't come near me, don't try to test

You didn't listen, and you got hurt
Now you lie dead, upon the floor
I told you once, I can't tell you again
Inside my darkness, I always sin

You cannot change, who I am
You Cannot stop, a force of nature
Even now, as I sit upon my throne
I still want to tell you, how I feel
You were a lie, You were never real

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