Real Question

Hey! Insanity that free the mind.
Hey! The virtue that does not see the truth.
Handcuffs on my wrists.
Tell Us why Our Being?
In this slavery

Not from my being
I doubted the being itself
The blind told me what I saw
I do not see what I am looking at.
I have to run madly.
From the slavery I reached with the suggestion of mind
But I'm afraid
Freedom is perhaps a mirage of captivity
In the desert place called the world.

Hey! Wise man, tell me fairy tales.
A fairy tale and a realistic legend
Does anyone really know?
What are we, what is reality?
Time is venom of life.
pulling into deep

I have been blind.
When I look
What is it that I cannot see?
Any news from the stars?
What prevents us
Are these shackles or this wall?

Nobody knows the truth.
Even our wisdom is nothing
The lying crap
Even our wisest word.
Who knows?
I ask what is the truth.
As The real question.

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