I've lost touch with reality.
The sky is the ground.
And there's no gravity to hold me down.Flowers bloom in the dark.
Lions are eating veggies.
The rich is poor.
My memories are rich and happy.
My mom and dad are married.
I love myself.No more cries for help.A break isn't a break.
More of second guessing.
Guessing if I'm really worth.
Looking at myself in the mirror.
My reflection is in tears.
No one hears the sounds when the lights are you off.Dreams of me leaving in a hearse.
Such an early age.
Ingredients to hide my pain.
Blessings to my lil brothers and sisters. Learn from my lessons.
Don't trip where I fell.
And I love you.
Every villain isn't evil.
Every angel doesn't have a halo.
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