Educated assumptions bring near death experiences.
Combobulated thoughts connecting confused coherence.
Seeing what we think we see. Recreating reality.
Living in the peace we choose, instead of this conspiracy.
Selfishness is loneliness.
Selflessness is holiness.
Protecting children's eyes, from the fear that underlies.
Between the buried misery,
happiness is all they see.
At least that much we hope.
Truth be told the credits role, but we don't read them anyway.
We give less credit to those we don't completely understand.
Broken wings are broken dreams,
eluded to a set of scenes, painted on our t.v. screen.
What do we really see? What do they truly mean?
Question what our lives unfold.
Do we all have a story to be told?
What is there left to hold, when nothing in life is free?

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