I feel like I hold you back.
Like I do more harm than good.
I really try my best to do the things a real man should.

But still I cause you pain,
when I just want so see your smiles.
Things get going good and then I snap like crocodiles.

I see it in your eyes,
You wonder what went wrong;
If you should try to stick it out or pack your bags and move along.

I create my own failure.
Happens every time.
So I sit down and express,
the only way I know;
In a rhythm filled with rhyme.

My feelings follow patterns,
But not a-b-b or a.
It's a pattern much more drastic,
And it drains your will to stay.

In my anger drunken state,
I miss the not so subtle clues.
The next thing that I know,
I'm forced to say goodbye to you.

You've taken all you can;
I didn't notice you slip away.
I just woke up and you were gone.
And I'm the one to blame.

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