I entered a place,
Called place of life.
Where people talk of techno and space
But there minds are like a rusted knife.

At one, they show their participation in change,
At another, not even ready to move from that page.
Two faces exist in every person at least,
One to show the humble representation, the other is that of a beast.

Everyone is flowing under the name of "we",
Doing for own sake whether "he" or "she".
But when it comes to "i",
They feel like the next chicken to fry.

Hence they choose "we" to flew,
Rather to order or proposal for others.
Then why it's "we" , why not "you"?
When it's for "you", the things and the matters.

I know it's heavy to carry the responsibility,
But there then we"ll find internal peace through the changed mentality.
In that way we"ll restore originality,
But people, as usual, always choose the other option, that's the reality.

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