Our hearts insantly connected
We didnt know our love would soon become infected
We were together for almost two years
When we became consumed by our fears
We begin not getting along
But together we believed was where we belonged
Happiness was a battle we constantly sought
It was torture when all we did was fought
We couldnt stay away
This was the game we begin to play
Our love was so powerful and strong
We had like this addictive bond
I needed you and you needed me
It became the day one of had to see
We needed to break
We both knew how much this would ache
We begged and pleaded please dont leave
Little did we know one of us was about to greive
Why did you have to die
Sucide projected to make me cry
Saddness and anger are overflowin
Thoughts and pain wont stop roaming
I know ill be ok my love
I know youre with me from above
I just wish you didnt have to permanently end
But now my pain i must begin to mend
I love you forever
And will say good bye never
In my heart you will stay
And we will see eachother again one day

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