My temptation.
I turned into your rumple, into your beast.
You were my belle.
With my warm dark eyes and a rough patchy heart.
You helped mend my hurt, you fixed my chipped teacup.
But not with the happy ending.

With an evil temper, I know you never saw the warmth in my dark eyes when I became a beast.
I know you forgot about my patchy heart, you shattered my chipped teacup.
In a world that never taught anyone how to love but to destroy.

I was a lost boy, you were my Neverland.
I was your Peter, you were my Tink.
I was always lost, I became a Hook.
You became a Wendy, coming into my life for a second then choosing to leave.
Leave me in Neverland, leave me when I had fallen in love with my first girl.
I understand the pain Peter felt when she chose life over him.

I wanted to force you to stay like Peter, like the lost boy I am.
With all the intentions of the beast, by protecting you and scaring you away.
By hiding how I felt, destroying the beast and remaining a lost boy.
I understand why Peter never wanted to grow up.
And I understand why the beast never wanted to love.
‘Twas “love” that killed the beast.

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