were each born into this world full of innocence at birth
we live in a world full of corruption and anger we call earth
our innocence slowly fades away we see this shit everyday
some try to do better and change their life others let the pain cut through them like a knife
you'll meet very few loyal people they hardly exist
there is no humble people here they're all hella pissed
mad that drugs took over their mind
mad because their heart has been broken love is blind
mad because they've lost their way
mad because they're in debt and they can't seem pay
mad because their kids are wild
angry because their spouse acts like a child
angry because they can't buy a home or car some drink their problems away you'll find them at a local bar
some numb their pain, with a hot shot to the vein
some smoke trees to forget how hard life got.
Their excuse is always OH I FORGOT
some snort cocaine to numb life n all its bullspit
Others pack the pizz n take a hit
they feel like it helps in some way
yet all its doing is bringing them closer to their Judgment Day
we live in a world full of junkies alcoholics killers and thieves
sick minded rapist who thrive on seeing you grieve
good hearted people are rare and hard to come by
in life when we should be laughing instead we cry
we all have problems no one's perfect or flawless not a chance
we choose to ignore the Lord because with the devil we dance
some people are strong they can handle what life throws their way
others choose to see an early judgement day
they take their own life because the weight on their shoulders feels like a ton
they look around and they feel like they have no one
they search for the slightest glimpse of hope
only to find fake friends hooked on dope
they contemplate everything in their head they quietly whisper no one will even notice if im dead
they reach out in hopes to find just one loyal friend
instead they find fake smiles so pretend they usually try hard to fix it before they go
but by the time anyone realizes they've already got a tag on their toe
at that very moment people realize damn I didn't realize she felt like dying
they were too selfish and self centered to see they're crying
no one ever sees death coming but when its here they all know
I guess it was your time to go
some learn from this experience and cherish everything that used to have and chose to ignore
no one really knows what life has in store
so if by chance you see your loved one giving up on it all.
try to catch them before they fall
AUTHOR Leticia Rosie

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