Reality of a Mother’s Fears

Our forefathers fought for this land.
Some lost their lives just to make a stand.
They gave all; blood, sweat, and even tears.
Death was a probability, Reality of a mother's fears

The sound of guns loomed in the air.
Into the darkness, young men did stare,
Wondering if death would soon find them?
Would they ever see their mothers once again?

One brave soldier marched with the rest.
He was humble, never claimed to be the best.
He pushed his friend out of the way.
As he took the bullet, he said in a low voice, "Come what may."

A dirty, mud soaked letter soon made it home.
His mother's hands shook as she opened it alone.
As she read his last letter, she cried so many tears.
His death was a fact; Reality of a mother's fears.

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