Reality Of Life

I look up and scream your name,
Life without you will never be the same.
How can this happen dad to someone like you.
So many regrets I have, I wish you only knew.
Im sorry I never got to say goodbye.
Im sorry I couldnt let you in my life even when youd try.
Im sorry I didnt tell you,
I loved you when I had the chance too.
Im sorry I never got to know you inside and out.
Sorry I didnt let you teach me what lifes all about.
Sorry I pushed you away when you tried to pull me near sorry for all the anger, it was honestly only fear.
Fear of having what I never had.
Fear of not being accepted cause I was far from perfect and sometimes bad.
Fear of having someone to finally call dad.
But now your gone and I never said goodbye.I wish I could understand why! Why did it have to end this way?
Why dont I have the words to say?
Why is it get harder every passing day?
Will this pain ever fade away?
One last thing before I go,
My love for you truly I pray you know I never meant for things to end like this without a hug or even a goodbye kiss.
I love you DAD you will be forever missed! I pray one day we will meet again and maybe we can start off as friends. And see were it takes us in the end. Maybe 2 broken heart will mend, "Together forever never apart maybe in distance but never in heart."

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