Reality Of Luck

Verse 1

Do you know what luck is to man?

Does he set in on each dealt hand?

Like children playing on beach sands,

Building castles throughout the lands.


Life is short and runs way to fast.

Live your life before it’s the past.

Before we meet at Captain’s Mast,

Make all of your memories last.

Verse 2

Or is he found in greeting spring?

Passing time by, as the robin sings.

The seeds sprout forth and start growing.

Are the treasures gained worth hoeing?

Verse 3

Is he the dawn you wish to come?

In his grasp, tightens deaths full sum.

Echoing in the valley, like far drums.

To pass with defiant income.

Verse 4

This is luck, as is, nothing more.

Living beyond each slamming door.

Peace comes, the dirt covers once more.

'This is luck, as is, to adore!

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    This Poems Story

    The true meaning of luck is surviving life………