Feet dragging through mud,
Body limp and useless,
Used too many times
For anyone to love-

Hands reaching out to
Help her! Help her!
But she got what she asked for-

Enveloped in a cocoon of manipulation,
Blindfolding her gullible heart;
Breaking through the chrysalis
Was harder than she thought-
But the horrifying clarity now suffocates her.

His smile distorts his face,
Masking the meaning of his words
Like a lampshade;
They are dimmer, but the brightness
Still reaches out to claw her eyes,
His disembodied voice pours in her ears
Just as harshly.
Ignore, ignore, ignore the grating
And laugh-

Laugh at the notion
That anything escaping
That black hole of a mouth
Holds any significance-

Any value;
Because when it is
Delved into, there is nothing
On the other end.

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This Poems Story

Based on personal experience with manipulative relationships and evil men