I see how things are now
When you thought you always knew a person somehow
Then they change, a constant rearrange
Never ever been like this before
Leaving you wondering what happened between us
With the ongoing betrayal and the broken trust
Wondering what the future has for me to endure
I'm not sure
Thinking everything was oh, so real
But it looks like I'm wrong; life's just a big dream
I never thought looks would be so deceiving
But now I realize everything is not as it seems
Never thought you'd be a friend I'd miss
Never imagined we'd end like this
Reminiscing about the good times we had
Now those good memories are being left behind
They start to fade away as the clouds start to roll in
Now you're leaving, even though I thought you were here to stay
Memories sold as easy as people fall for each other
Head over heels, but why bother?
My heart aches because I lost a friend
Even though in my mind, we were friends till the end

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