As I poured my first shot of vodka into the glass cup on my counter,
I oddly found myself missing you more than usual;
I sat silently and stared at my reflection from the bottle,
trying to fathom as to the reason you were suddenly stuck in my head,
For everything about you would have me turning the other way,
As your selfishness has done so to everybody you have ever known,
Myself being the worst victim of your actions;
I had fallen for you,
Given you the entirety of my soul,
And you gave me back nothing but a broken heart;
So I regretfully decided to give you a call,
But as soon as you answered my heart sank to the Earth's core,
Because I thought I was done loving you,
Until the moment you said my name again;
And as I awkwardly hung up on you I realized,
Alcohol may not solve my problems,
But it'll help me forget them,
And I finally drowned myself in the bottle.

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