Head hung low, her eyes glimmered,
Her life as she knew, flicked and shimmered.
Life all around froze for a second,
As she looked backed on what she once abandoned.
From the moment she was born to the moment that never ended,
He held her close, her wishes he had granted.
Years flew by, her life too busy,
She paid no heed to the one she deemed clingy.
Ignoring her anchor, she began to soar,
The distance once none had grown so more.
In her glory, she ignored his misery,
He lost his heart and she showed no mercy.
Sadness occupied the void, that she once filled,
And that took a toll on his health and his build.
All of a sudden, she felt her heart skip ,
A tug and a pull to the one she had ditched.
With a white teethed smile, she ran up the stairs,
To the one that taught her, her first steps that day.
She ran to hug him, to be engulfed in his warmth,
But all she saw was his frail and sickly form.
Now her head hung low with prayers in the air,
How she wished he had more time to spare.

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