By Caleb   

There are no asking questions over the same thing again.
I try to move on without you here—
evidently it is really hard to accept
and you won't signal all's at an end.
There are no questions asked.
I stay the hell away from you
especially now that I know you conspired
to belittle me
by blurring the everyday truth.
I don't know why you—follow me.
I'm never going to be your fan.
I really do see that I am—someone
whom you don't wish to understand—
In your voice sometimes I hear confidence with my name
and you change.
There is no focus on me
because I am never the only one
that you ever see.
As invisibility puts it—you see me
but you really don't.
I won't spend anytime wasting my breath on you
and believing that you float
high above clouds that I know aren't there
and it may be wrong for me to assume
but I care.
You on the other hand
are plain and near.
I no longer long for that, it's your heart beat that I no longer hear.
To describe a quiet night with you mumbling
is to keep my mind blurred with thoughts of you.
I really don't have that kind of time
to keep looking around with invisible fools.
Most already know my beliefs about this beautiful world
and they do not include you—
a description of something that isn't there
because of my God honest truth.
Mentality aside,
Breaks of ocean water fresh and salty,
I don't deny the mistakes I've made
but you never declare that you are faulty.
That is another thing about you I hate.
Your perfection for destroying life.
When this world really is so beautiful
that it's beyond me why you watch, to cry—
Turn the other way I say
with no pressure to persuade you.
Turn the other way I say
because I am not with you—
Really, I imagine you said.
That's right, I sat up to answer
your confrontation of nondescriptive
and unimaginable matter.
Close it, I say—
just to realise you can not hear
and that makes me wonder sometimes
how it all became so weird.

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    "Really" is about moving away from negativity.