Everyday is another day your presence lingers
Chilling my skin until it's nothing but ice
Melting away until you reappear
Dripping into puddles pooling at the feet
To live life like this in dear
I am no longer made of flesh and blood but of
Angst and bewilderment
Your eyes light my way, without them i am blind
The black abyss continues until you reappear
Your touch so sharp like blades
Rubbing skin, exposing the bone
I am exposed.
I walk around naked
Body, mind, soul
They wade through the universe until you reappear.
I am not whole.
Your voice teaches me about life
I can not breath without it's instruction
I am turning black and blue.
I can not live until you reappear
Lost is who i have become
I am nameless
I am faceless
I beckon you to be my savior
You're the only one whose power brings me
Loneliness is what has become of me
Surrounded but empty
I need you to reappear.

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