Like The Beauty Within You Bewinds Me
Dire Winds Fragile
Whispering Godly Words
That's Magical
Truth Spreads Actual
Can't Appreciate The Good
Without The Evil
Catastrophic..The Lowest Topic
These Days Good Men Meet
Women With Hot Lips
Now That Shit Drops Ships..
Apocalypse, Rhyming Words
Now That's The Hottest Gift
I Promise This
Doing What You Want
Versus A Path Someone Else
Has Paved Out For You
Fastly A Common Miss
Caught Up In The Nonsense
Dramatics Peep Like Heat Lead
In The City Of Compton
Where That Lady Speakin
Gangs Are Crazy Creepin
Flowing Between Bags
Drug Wars In Stored
Free Governmental Supplying Mags
There Days No One Is Speakin
Depending On A Man Of God
Sometimes Money Is What That Preacher
Is Preachin.. Yeah He Leachin
I Seen It With My Own Eyes
Promised Elevation But Yall Sittin
In The Same Place And..
God Is Coming With Your Blessing
Oh Can't Wait And..
Energy Given Is Energy Restored
So I Suggest If You're Low On Money
You Should Reach To The Poor
Now Your Greatest Rapport
Became Your Greatest Reward
Now A Days, Near Is Where A Hero Stays
Father Figures, Brothers and Sisters
Moms That We Truly Adore
A Youth Is Thinking
Reading...Watching Each Page Linking
Greatness Starts Within The Core

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Truth Unlocks The World.