Reassurance in the Universe

I walk through the forest of Sakura trees
Through to a river of rosy water, I fall to my knees
My lips read "Now lead me to enlightenment"
I stare into the cascading currents as I plead
To the power much mightier than a mere human
I catch sparkles in the corner of my eye's sight
An orb of light tells to me "Follow the light"
So I wander, guided through the pink woodland
I close my eyes to follow my yearning path, and
I 'm drawn to a spot, slowly opening perception
Upon my vision, a garden of lilac reception
As I stare in awe, the flowers grow taller than me
I stand and gawk, in utter disbelief of what I see
Sliding down the stem, I;m greeted by a nymph
Her words manifest a calm script of hieroglyph
"I see you're in dire need of my assistance
Fear not a fret of your weary mortal existence
I advise you to let go of your irrational fears
The universe has a path for us all, so dry your tears"
A warm and content feeling waves over my body
I wander back out of the sakura forest, appeased
I now know acceptance enough I leave pleased

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This Poems Story

This is a whimsical adventure to a harmonious existence