"It's reassuring," he said.
"To believe there's a man lounging within the clouds,
an innumerable shower of thin strings dancing upon his fingertips,
each connected to the limbs of humans."

Gravel frames the delicate features of a beloved singer.
A single bullet lodged within the cave of her heart.

"it's reassuring," he said. "To believe the man holding
a running gun holds a limited individuality, for it may
have not been his lack of logic, nor his unstable emotion."

A child is violated by the naturally inspiring hands of his own
mother. Soft welts indent red skin.
Painful whimpers serve as a lullaby.

"It's reassuring," he said."To believe a sincere lacking of
independence within all humans,
to indulge within the enticing promise of ignorance."

A youth lays within the rain.Each droplet catching
her nose glides along pale skin.
Her breasts lay naked, her underwear torn.

"It's reassuring," he said."To believe humans are incapable
of such evil."

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