I'm somewhere unknown.lost..out of reach,
in the North Temperate Zone practicing what I preach,
in the dropping zone using visible speech,
curing diseases with the medical leech,
taking precaution throughout my procedures,
I'm a man with caution with a little leisure.
My desired time drives me into an epileptic seizure,
causing me to lose consciousness,
I'm just ripping the gutlessness that lies deep within my realm
something or someone has preempted my helm.
Tempt the mind 'cause they know the blind
will feel at ease when they unwind
and intertwine using their expertise,
using the artillery that I equipped
to encrypt my thought patterns and DNA structure.
It had been flipped.
My infrastructure has advanced,
enhanced and entranced,
because the music enchants for its seed to be planted.
And once it's planted then grow the roots
the tree will spring and then it shoots..
In my heart throughout veins he imparts,
my soul remains.

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