I was watching the boiling pot
And two decades have passed.
Had no desire to move from my place
Sat there like I just
Woke up from a nightmare
With an infinite gaze in my eye.
Needles under my feet while touched the ground
Cold, clammy, lonely, with no one I can rely..
I was watching the boiling pot
And years & years have passed.
Colors faded, tears shedded
Feet have changed their path.
A distant voice in my head
Faded away, just the raucous left.
Forgotten all thoughts that I needed
To drive myself away from firth.
I was watching the boiling pot
And twenty years have passed.
The room is darker than the night
I left myself for the last.
Time stopped while gasping for air
Soul trapped and the face disappeare.
A flair of a child has crawl to the lane
To scrabble some lines of birth.

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