What went wrong?
I keep hearing this repetitive sound.
It's like some unloving, antisocial invasion,
Now it's only hateful decisions,
And all it's doing is causing division.
They say it's because of this recession,
but with the workers they refuse to have discussions.
I see people doing their best,
But this company has become so heartless.
Between the man and his job, they implement so many divorces,
They continue riding on their horses.
They take food out the mouths of families,
By stopping their salaries.
No remorse in their hearts when they commit this felony.
Like a hobby they do it over and over again,
Causing pain.
Their intentions are the same as a hurricane.
The times of the past was great, and to God be the glory in those that kept the faith,
Driving away the hate.
I see the poor always suffering, for the rich to get richer.
If 1.78 don't reach 1.79 they cut positions, but bonuses, hotel fees, and etc; They say its ok.
Some of these bosses make bad decisions, they dismiss people that made the company better.
But that’s what you get, when you have inexperienced managers test driving your company, they don’t
even know where the brakes are, they are causing so many accidents, it’s so shameful who they blame. They are just enjoying the money and the fame.
They don’t mind firing someone from below; once it keeps their dollars on a flow. I Just had to let you know.

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