Recital is vital to try to be yourself – dust gathering on the shelf no book marker page folded – but mine origamied woods above par see norris chuck nun’s for fun silent but violent strike force to balistic from the antimatter energy that mass doesn’t play a role – cos and sign align the signs and receive the signal landed from far light spectrum circling more than the hurtz per second than normal above the norm mutated riser of the universal glider – hang on dont go please stay withhhh me but row if you stay cos this aint not free ride oh no no way but since 16 telekinesis been entiwined via a grapevine of the materialist blanked otherworldly stitch to rip through the codes of life to see through the matrix to morph these sonnets of elemental goblets ruby’s emeralds niles rivers giza polar shit – get my jist equinox viking gods gate opens light enregies arrive for the resource of gold melted to another form travel with this plutonium to category 3 civilisation in the in between like film lucy your hopless go back to sleep i weep no one cares for this world we live in – but rag and bone man stood and stands cos we art only human after all – but believe what one is told and one will never believe to be there own key – hope is the belief but everyone doubts reroutes there clout do step up to the bout – shout shout shout twist the snapple – pop goes the everything – interviews ive done a few stages lights done faded – invaded this radio commercial fodder has – take me back to days of amstrad – road rash streets of rage, blanka, byson, vega, mega drive we had when was little now just old a fickle – dill, chucky but me tommy pickles – cookie jar rarrrrr alan or jimmy ca-r 10 fold explosion of a sirius black star jet lee leased to the highest bidder – no fibbernaci or fugazi – lazy crazy sane light being skiing off the trail – cos the trials a tabulated pages of nonsence – condensed the face behind the fence improvement of the home jimmy or tim – key allen love evol – evolve the energy of the contained aura thats unrivalled with its illusive survival – swiss army serrated edge – man on same with an L (420) with a pledge to install a wedge even to the twins krays these days crazed speak be so truthful its cascaded like the caped crusaders time spent in the 2d glass zoned out in a zone of not 1 but no edges to cling to to escape the phantom woes – but me in my mind memory file selected of rolls royce miami couple grams see paradise living life wondering why im living but a lie – pretent to myself its all ok it just that but regrets be piling up the climb at the end ironic they be the steps to take to see the balance of the rightiosness within – mario good like haribo, but done wrong along the way luigi been still tied to that radiator in figi cos man was trying to squeeze in on the blondie princess recept this flower power from the amazon fly away judas mario me went on like lucas not george frank white draughts chess no contest kanye think not kop this front page artical – anomoly xfactor in the simulation but didn’t take the golden ticket – confused the game now i’m golden child in everyway outcome – beach rum bums and guns oooweeeee none of these artists level up – ding ding lets go champ

Poetry i owe it see
to try to P-ass this vast
task of a stampeding
steaming train
no tracks
emmet in toe
no marty instead robin
of locksley - parralelled well of the goonies
im a looney - what sue me
grey hair george
fantastic mr Ox of F in front
elephant with the trunk
fire out with the water
instill my vibe in your eyes
see life from my sights synchranise
yours with mine
this ryhme be Ving vying to cling on the other word
life linear and circular time and memories
re-working the uploaded information for the cremation
leading to sedation unless spirit excercised
persevere and adhere to the old ways of tribes
scribes healing potions rituals me-o oxygen molecule
info and rules - these jewels are for fools, feed the
world - fuck the pearls cumbi ya my lord its a sore
sword that this life bores world peace world peace
they scream but the government no A-team

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