Recognize Your Mistake

Sometimes I ask myself if you ever loved me
because when I'd ask for help you didn't bother to hug me.
You're supposed to be my hero, you're supposed to be my number one
yet you act like a zero and you carry a gun.
Deep down inside my heart aches,
I have to run and hide from all the pain.
You say you'll be back tomorrow but you leave me waiting,
you give me great sorrow as I begin hating.
Hating life, feeling Melancholy I become a knife stabbing my own body.
You let me down every day but God has shown me ‘the way’.
I pray every night for you to come instead,
you see this light and automatically run.
Why are you so scared of seeing the truth?
You've hurt me and there's nothing to lose.
Help yourself and ‘live life’
just watch your daughter emotionally die.

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This Poems Story

Sometimes people think that they're doing the best for others by distancing themselves, in reality that only builds walls between one another. Parenting can be difficult especially under certain circumstances, the obstacles my father faced built a barrier of feelings between him and I., which is why I decided to let them out in this piece of art.