Recorded Law – Income Tuitions

Arise, oh Lawyers
Law and Order, I order my mall
I have more galls to call to order
Order me first, order me last
Order my blast
Order my glasses within the Christmas mass
Order my muggers
Slaughter my mugs, ordering my hugs
Hawk my clock, knocking my dog
From dusk to the mosque, I'm hurrying my way to Norway
I'm making my way to Seaway
I'm marrying my powers to the Virgin Mary
Itching fairy; Egyptian Merry
Merry Gerry; very hairy
Pave my path, Oh heart of the core
Heart of the core, who sits on the Law
Slim purse; impulse pursues me in halls
I halt. I flirt with cults. I fought
Naughty claws call my horrors sorrows
Serious morrows mount my Pharaohs
So Arise, oh Lawyers
So Arise
Rise in the east; there's rice in the yeast
My tithes become my taxes
My Saxophones become my Maximums
Law and Order; call my mother
My mother calls my chores to order
Sacrilegious is my border
Malicious is my bother
Delicious is another
Another brother within order
Another brother calls recorders to order

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This Poems Story

A Political tone, but a run-away language. What could the poetic personae be running away from? This poem is solely owned by Victoria Ifeolu; Author of "I Call My sexuality My God: My Shampoo and My Watermelon Juice"