I've never felt more alone,
more lonely, than I do right now.
But loneliness means weakness, always has and always will.
Maybe that's why he fell.
Now all he sees is red,
more vibrant than a hue of blood,
darker than what flows through this shell.
Is he lonely? I believe so.
He just wants someone, needs someone,
to keep him company in the prison he calls home.

I can't stay with you now.
He needs me, my mind, my soul.
And I need him, for here I don't belong.
You've known this all along.
Why make me stay in this unwelcome place?
I don't want to be here.
I want to see only red, with him, my company.
It's time I leave.
You won't miss me, won't even know I'm gone.

I love you, I do.
But I'm needed elsewhere. Let me be.
Let red envelop my shell, my mind, my soul.
Let the fire claim me. Let me go. Just let me go.

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