By Sherry   


> is the color of the sun scratching the tips of the sky like paper-thin lanterns locked in their faux freedom as they trace patterns in the wind to carry messages to their sisters who also cut themselves in hourglass shapes to fit around each other //

> is the color of your tears when you remember the man that had taken his hands and curled them around your throat as if looking for an answer he could not find in the Bible; tearing at your hair like digging through Eve’s garden; stepping on your bones like they were sticks; taking a bite out of your mind like ripping out heaven from an apple //

> is the color of your eyes when you see her for the first time in that dress; when you saw her skin and it was like you had never seen skin before as if you had never tasted water before and you have a parched tongue like a woman who had wandered a thousand Saharas without ever knowing the oasis of her body //

> was the color of her lipstick when she left you; the smell of her perfume on your sweatshirts; the taste of her breath in your blood.

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This Poems Story

Red is my favorite color. It can be brash and loud or soft like pastels, and it can represent a variety of emotion. It can mean something different to each person, which is why this poem is in the format of a definition. This color mood is meant to inspire you to see red in a different way.