What is your favorite color?
One of mine is red.
I want red of everything,
Clothes, books, even a red bed.
But do you know why
That red is my favorite color?
I use to be an evil child.
Blood was a dark red.
So was a flame.
And lots of times, with anger, my head.
Being a hot head,
You need to control yourself.
If you don’t control it,
Then it may ruin all the awards on your shelf.
Controlling your anger
Is like controlling your life.
But when you lose yourself to the color red,
You lose yourself all together.
So next time you get mad,
Keep it in mind,
That when you lose your temper,
You’ll get into a bind.
Just remember for your life,
Don’t lose yourself on little things and dwell.
For a famous psychologist once said,
“We needlessly upset ourselves.”

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