I see something Red down there,
I Guess you Played with the gulal,
Maybe You Were happy about something ,
Maybe red signifies your strength and how you dealt with the odds.

No I see your hands are shaking,
Your eyes full of water and voice is damp,
Are you okay , Is there something I can do for you?

No you can't he replied ,
He shook his head And cried in pain,
I can't tell my side of the Story,
And all my efforts went in vain.

Cowards Die Before they try,
The sun still shines over the dark Cloudy sky , I said.
It's hailing Stones and I'm scared of storm,
I have no courage to rise against wrong.

Maybe he is stuck Somewhere ,
Maybe he is coward ,
Maybe is stabbed by his own people ,
Or maybe he is just creating a drama ,
I wondered? And then an answer came .

Fighting for someone else he was standing Tall,
Took everyone's opinion and asked for their call,
The time he decided to fight for all,
He didn't know ,alone he will fall.

I still have courage ,
He smiled with his nose bleeding,
Yes, The red colour was the sign of his bravery .

Ashutosh Mishra

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