Red Blood, Blue Days

The poems I write, I spell.
As I corrupt the land of the living with the spite of my hell.

The blood gets deeper,
As it seeps, it makes me weaker.

Obliges my skin with its every last sin,
I watch as I puncture the hearts of my kin.

I let the blood flow, from up to far down,
Maybe it wins, maybe I'll drown.

Drown in the depths of the thoughts my mind keeps,
Watch as I fall, watch as I sink,
--The farther I sprawl, the further I seep,
Into my transcendent, paradoxical sleep.

I think it's all over, the life I once loved,
I follow my heart, but only weaken as I trudge.

Trudge through the sludge of the world that's so cold,
The footprints I leave in the Earth; as they mold,

I'm told of happiness, love, and good sin,
But sin isn't good; not any version, can cease the excursion,
Of the mood the life I have has given; the diversion.

All of the forms, they have something to hide,
And by the ways of the world, I'll no longer abide.

I've taken my toll,
I've done all I could,
I tried to make things warmer.

But being warm-blooded, with a heart even colder,
Does nothing to change not the wind nor the tide.

I'm fatal, unfurl,
A girl with no [subsiding] shoulder.

No shoulder to lean on, to let out the pain,
My life is the rainstorm, with extra the rain.

I dearly, sincerely, oh so, so merely,
Hope to help all [the] hearts with nothing to stake.
For, my act as a treason, is mainly the reason,
The mainly main reason that all hearts do break.

I take all the love, they had in them deep,
And I take it as mine, forever to keep.

Then I just leave, ceasing the words; the words they had all hoped to hear.
"Baby, I'm here. You know that, I'm here. Have no such [thing as] tears, 'cause I'm here, my dear."

They fell for the tricks I didn't know I played.
They took all the cards I had dealt, and had lain.

You've {myself} forgotten, even more,
That you're the one who's heart that broke, that I've sunken deep within.

I sunk it deep within the shore,
The one that's no such joke.

I took a needle and a pin, and jammed them in your chest.

The love you thought you loved the most,
The love you loved the best,
She's nearing her final breath,
To sink into eternal rest, and cease her long lost fears.

I'm done with the burden of the weights of the world, I could no longer bare.

My next path lies straight ahead,
Can you not already tell?
--I'm face to face, and eye to eye,
With the door that leads to hell.

--The stairs to hell are here now;
Now I know why, now I know how,
But I mustn't tell.

All I can say,
Is "Have a nice day,"
And "Don't buy what I sell."

"Don't fall the way I fell,
"It was rather steep,
"Don't let your feelings get so deep,
"The next I come around."

I am done,
And will be hung,
Shoulder-deep in cherry rum,
And hope you hear the sound.

The sound of death as I am strung,
And off to be hell-bound.

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