Red Lights

Where did I leave that serenity behind, that made me smile?
Now these red lights choke, the blood's dried, human venom reigns,
I cant dream in this jail, my sleep's gone, quite a while,
Red lights, danger, dont come here, all you'l get is pain.

'Come on, Kamini, there's customers outside, go satisfy their need,'
I move around in a caged house, where the nights arent starry!
Im sick, my body aches, heart jumps out, nobody pays a heed,
As i unbutton my blouse, remove the saree!

Where did that playground vanish, where I went out playing?
I look out at the empty skies, by day they are blue, and once again red,
I put faith in Someone once, I wasted my time praying,
I live in a colony of women who are dead!

'Kamini, what are you gonna do when you're big?' said a familiar voice,
No. It wasnt. It was a bad dream about a blurry past, rotten.
The red lights make me learn in life, without much choice,
So, in some way im thankful that in another world i am forgotten.

Where did the scoldings fade, when i put some mischiefs into act?
My mother would chase, and my father smile reading his newspaper,
I would blow in my tea, and take a sip that wouldnt keep my mouth intact,
And then, jump as high as a skyscraper!

'Kamini, you can play in the ground, just dont go near the streets,'
It was once a day when the sun hadnt died, and my playtime cried,
But who would follow, when a child heart pleads?
That is when, for the first time, my life lied.

Where did i do things wrong that i pay this price today?
A girl is known for the will she holds, the will to carry on,
But what about the disgrace men give us, shall not we hold it too, in dismay?
I put my trust in a fake mind, my faith now is gone.

'Come, child, lets give you a ride, we'll give you a chocolate,'
I went to the car, a single step has turned my life upside down,
But he was just like my father, why would he have someone to hate
Someone whom he would send far away from her town?

Where did the streets go which dumped me here, made me a whore?
Was His eyes closed, or was he smiling at my folly?
Life's an unforgiving ocean doesnt return things she takes from the shore,
And now the time's come, the graveyard is calling!

I write my wrath, is He there to stop another death?
No. He's not....

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