Red Rose of Optimism

If I told you I was a time traveler would you believe me

If I told you the sun burned out from all the cold nights I left you would you forgive me

If time is now then how can I make the future the past
Because the future isn’t what I want

What I want is the now and everything that comes with it

What I want is to blow life into you like a balloon floating to the heavens

My body is young but baby my mind glows with understanding for what is true

I’m told to deny optimism
But my optimism is the escape from my insanity

but also the key

For My optimism is my faith
my optimism is my love for you

A never ending fountain of peace and tranquillity that drips with every thought of your touch

For love is not a physical thing
But an internal feeling
That feels unattainable

I can only make sense of it when I’m with you

For my love for you is a language I can not speak
But a language I can only feel

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