Red Velvet

Is it wrong to always and forever yearn?
Am I flawed in the eyes of others because I desire?
I'll always want to wake up nigh to thee.
It's in your cocoa ponds of eyes I seek refuge,
Sincerity, security, safety, sufficient sanctuary.
Your semi-sweet and delightful flesh covers me.
Velvety and valorous sweetness envelopes me.
Will I ever get enough?

He is my flavor and the only flavor I follow,
My addiction I cannot seem to kick--
Yet I ponder. why should I?
Most graciously, you serve with unconquerable protection.
In each chocolate kiss I crave, long, feen for more.
Will I ever get enough?

When your chords reverberate to beseech me
Mellifluous fudged syllables encompass my core and ignite passion.
He is. you are my new caffeine,
My new fix. my analgesic pain reliever,
My upper when I'm low,
My downer when anxious and erratic.
You're the flavor I'll always relish and savor,
My one true cause of sweet surrender.

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