By A.G.G   

Grazing at the clean waters but can't see my reflection
It's so blur and dark
I have lost myself within me
Dreams I had so terrible, a dying man's sight
All I see is pain
For pain that squeezes my heart
Drain me of blood
For time and tide has passed yet I stay stagnant
I grow neither old or young
And feel nothing but emptiness
Shout at me and it bounces to you
I'm just like a vessel that echoes your voice
I ain't dumb but I barely speak
My conscience is no friend of mine
Happiness is the old clocks hour for me
The streets are noisy but not one seems to recognize me
They say there's always a way
But mine is rail way
Fixed no matter how I try, I tend to bend it most
For hopes are so high as tree
I seek one, even with all is in me
Full of sorrows, pains and agony
I still have a dream
Hoping maybe, just maybe
The dream won't be a nightmare
I have byes but I see beyond its reach
I have faith but I believe in the impossible
One impossible thing
One day I will be redeemed, I will be loved.

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This Poems Story

A lost soul that faces ups and downs but still seek for redemption.