Redondo's My Dream Place


Birds with red feathers flying in the air.
Such a lovely blue sky up there.
Clouds fluffy and white with a
Golden yellow sun shining bright.
Boats big & small docked by the landing.
People of all colors on the pier standing.
Extended from their arms are green fishing poles.
His black shoes turned up showing
many holes.
Women watching the waves in purple bikinis.
Close to a vendor who is selling deep fried zucchini.
Guys and girls on surf boards in the ocean.
Ducking waves with lots of emotion.
Friendly smiles on everyone's face.
Adjucent to pets running & jumping all over the place.
Uncle in his car reading a race pamphlet.
Next to a game room full of so many kids that they don't fit.
Aside a coffee shop on the beach people always go
United with an old lady in tan shorts holding an expresso.
Singing to two Spanish guys entering the door.

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