I live in a world
Metaphorical allusion
Mistaken for
Physical disillusion
Spiders inside
Crawl outside
Leaving behind
The webs
They are coming
For you
We linked too
Spun in the lies
We tried to hide
It's dark inside
Call me heartless
I am cold
You too blame
We were so bold
You took hold
Of the heart I let you have
Broke into pieces
Now I am bad
Don't blame me
For the blood I seek
I am vampire
I'm feeling hungry
Those that imitate
Can't catch me on camera
They can't see me
Why don't they hold up a mirror
I rose from the grave
It scared you to death
Now I'm sociopathic
Cause red is what's left
Some blackout
I redout
When I redlined
It changed my mind
Now I'm coming to get you
I got nothing to lose
Revenge I seek
The passion i choose
The taste of blood
Quenches the red
The red must be fed
It's all I have left
After my death
And when I murder you
The way you did it to me
I'm going to surprise
Everyone who misjudged me
Using trigger words
Ducking down
Anger drive by
All of these red flags I was waving
Flew to high
Now you cowering
Hoping I won't try
White flags to mine
Do you think I am going to stop
I would of
But it's gotten out of hand
I'm letting loose
Hang in there
As I tighten the noose

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