Refined Affection

You . . .

The most luminous star in my night sky,
Like a cosmic gem,
Your skin, like Aphrodite, radiating endearment,
Sometimes it seems surreal,
A portrait of beauty, painted like a dream,
Your heartbeat, a wondrous and enticing harmony,
Like something composed by an angel,

Your voice, an electromagnetic wave carrying every color in the spectrum,
Sometimes, when I see your eyes, I mistake them for sapphire,
Because of their glistening beauty and refined affection,
Love, is not enough to explain what I feel in your presence,

It’s like every particle of stranded stardust found its way into my heart to build a supernova,
A ball of burning fire that ignites when I see you,
It’s impeccable, astonishing, every positive word in English dictionary couldn’t possibly be enough to describe this amazing being,

You . . .

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