Looking in the mirror her reflection stares back
haunted not by what she sees,
but what her reflections lacks.
In the depth of her face is pain
hidden behind the smile, is her life trials.
Who is the girl staring in to her soul?
this girl is not her because he has control!
She sees him behind her gripping her with his claws
he is a constant reminder of her flaws.
Tears drip down her soft red checks
as she remember a time when she wasn't so weak,
when her face beamed with light
and her heart and eyes shined so bright.
And now her reflection was lost
her complexion was dull,
she was a slave in this prison of hell.
Who she was is but a memory ,
because he has now chosen her story,
and her love for him, is her sentence in this prison.
She must accept her reflection,
because it means being with him.

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