Alone in my thoughts
I'm alowed to pull in the world around me,

To see it for what it is,
To experience its raw nature,

Yet alone to experience this alone
My internal nature is what seems so apparently exposed,

To ask and answer questions of ones complexity,
To look at my reflected image staring back
As the world continues on its predetermined path,

Suspended in time and space
I'm allowed to consider my short comings and
My role in my personal winding effect,

To wade through the shallowness of my hardened exterior
To reach the depths of my guarded self,

Here I can look unto Gods beautiful work without sins hold,

To see my georgeous wife and childs
amazing presence through the nakedness of my soul,

In this I am held speechless,
transfixed on the one perfect thing in my life,
To be forever gracious to God
for the softness of their love to overcome.

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