Rejection. It's something we entitled to witness.
Rejection. It's like the needles that pin my heart that make it numb
Rejection. Because you were an outcast and half a racist. That's very fun.
Rejection. A girl takes your heart away and presents the world what you are and made
Rejection. All she wants on her mind is to get laid.
Rejection. A father that drinks to his power own will
Rejection. I faced many obstacles to embrace
Rejection. I got many tears that shed alcohol that pain my face
Rejection. Oh how beautiful it can be

Life of lessons for you and me
Take it in make something better
World is cold each day
Carry your own sweater

Rejection. It's something we battle on daily basis
Rejection. It's ways we deal each other. Yet still argue whose better races
Rejection. We need degrading our lives to gossip
Rejection. Is something we're the ice to slip
Rejection. Its something that kills my wounds
Rejection. It's like times want restart tunes

Life of something we want take an action overcome
But the battle isn't over so we say
The heartless bastards
It's my time for my prevail and battledrum

Rejection. I had to out quit everything my life
Rejection. Go prom alone, like groom no wife
Rejection. When you taught that both sides hate disposition.
Rejection. It's 2018 trump year, get out you Mexican.
Rejection. It's what I was told all year.
Rejection. This not going bring me tear

Life of lessons we taught and overcome hide
But comes down to it, who are we inside
You claim that we want freedom
as I see has just become another kingdom
Trump Topia. His view reflect matter

Rejection. Here goes my battle ground
Rejection. Nobody speaks up without a sound
Rejection. It's going be hard thing sallow
Rejection. The actions we take in cause we're hollow
Rejection. Do want lead or follow?
Rejection. Here we are and now something we gotta embrace

My rejection is over, I'm going be revolution the change matter
My rejection is over, I'm going fight back till time is right as we scatter
My rejection is over, I'm going prove I'm something just might more
My rejection is over, here I am now let's take the charge
My rejection is over, look upon again as we seek.
My rejection is over, like what Judas done with Jesus on the cheek
My rejection is over, power time take is toll and gather
My rejection is over, look what's yourself what matter?

This book I sign so complete and shine upon
Like a shooting star hits the gun
Now we have our fun
Time take what's ours and pride
We're not going tossed a side

My rejection is in you
My rejection is in me
My rejection is in we

As letters close my chapter
Love? Wealth? Sex?
Look at reflection what matter!?

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