Beautiful ocean so deep, so wide,
Anticipate the wave, run from the tide.
It is both captivating and perplexing at the same time.
Imagining the life beneath, in the distance is a sign.
The sun rises, breaking through each cloud.
The sun sets, bursting with colors proud.
Inhale the smell of salt water, and find healing.
Sink your toes in the sand, experience the feeling.
Soak up the sun, bask in its glory,
As the ocean water cleanses you of all worry.
Power and gentleness wrapped in one,
Both a constant chase, and a fleeing run.
The colors painted in the sky are a life-altering sight,
As the light glistens on the water with beams so bright.
Left standing in awe of such a creation,
Looking out into the horizon, knowing there are endless destinations.

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