Reflection in a Pond

Medium of crystal shifting listlessly about my face
Shadow-matching; parallel to executed acts of pace
Undulation populated solely by my avatar
Contact between polar worlds resulting in resemblance marred

Mystifying rippling eyes throw one reflection back at me
Through a liquid hind'rance of a clear and quaint reality
Oh, to view the sun and stars across from pupils tainted blue
Lyrics sung with open mouth and vacancy of word or tune

Fragile is the flat dimension where my wrinkled clone abides
Easily the mustard seed can terminate the placid tide
Lady Peace of Perfect Hush now futile at her thought conceived
Leaves and winds of turpitude contaminate a wat'ry me

Boundary composed of angled earthen rim around a dish
I leave nature's grand mirage which takes a life atop the fish
Obsolete until my next encumberment with flowing state
Iridescent until barren of a mass to recreate

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