Reflection on the Mississippi

Many years ago my life had begun, in a town called Ferguson.
Racial conflict spreading now through the nation,
Years after north county schools were mixed with desegregation.
I took a ride to clear my head,
Of the protests and riots and a boy who was dead.
I found my way to the Mississippi, a revelation came to me.
I looked into that muddy place, and saw the reflection of my face.
It was me, just a darker shade,
Reflecting, I observed how little progress we've made.

What if this was the face I had to show, in Ferguson so long ago?
Would my life be the same today, or unfolded in a different way?
Would I be judged by the color of my skin?
Or the content of my character held within?
I looked down at that darker me,
Wondering if that were my life, where my son would now be.
Born with skin that's too dark, would his future be mired,
Could he have his life ended, by bullets carelessly fired?

We must come together in unity, to heal our broken community.
Kids stay in school, gain knowledge's power.
Parents be parents, rise to the hour.
Leaders, lead your people to prosper and thrive,
Not to just settle to just barely survive
Only with respect can we move on
And make better lives for our kids. before they are gone.

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