Your requirements were that you be given a clean slate,
and that I abandon my past that betrayed me...So I
granted your request and I opened my chest,took my
heart and placed it on a round mirror. The circle
symbolizing us united never parting and the mirror
represented hopes of forever. Our love was real and
true as the Creator of this universe, it was pure
and raw as were sweet and"we" were good.
Until came the day that my illusion of wants met the
reality of what was truth. Sadness of this erupted
inside me and shattered my mirror into pieces.Forever
was gone with each glance I took. Reflections of
times we shared haunt my thoughts.The images are
painful memories that cut deep upon my heart.In my
efforts to mask the pain you have caused I fail.
Now my heart bleeds the words from your lips that
I wanted so badly to trust.Every promise made was one
that was broken at your hands. Hands that held me
at night and protected me from everything
were the same hands that caused me pain. Everything
I hoped you weren't you turned out to be. How are
these reflections my reality? How did I allow this?
Now I'm broken as the pieces of the mirror you
crumbled with deception. I hate these reflections
taunting me, driving me to anger. It's the end of"us",
a reflection I never wanted to face.

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