Reflections are liars. They trick you, they taunt you.
Too fat, too weak, too ugly. The reflection lies.
True self is never seen.
Its hidden under all the things your reflection says.
Mirrors are gateways.
Shadows are warnings.
Thoughts are silent.
Cry and you reflection will laugh,
Scream and your reflection will whisper,
Fight and your reflection will fight back.
However you can’t fight your own reflection,
its a part of you,
It is you
So how do you win?
You don't.
You don’t win you simply live or die,
Your reflection cant die on its own.
You either live with it,
or drag it back down to hell with you.
There's a reason your reflection looks identical to you
buts it has too remain a secret else it will kill you.
All it needs is one crack
And it will seep out into reality.
All of a sudden its on the walls
In pictures, watching you closely,
all it does is follow you
Ever so quietly.
It mimics the mask you put up
And judges what's behind it
Yelling, screaming, tormenting you,
on what needs to stay hidden,
what the world should see.
However after months, days, hours,
you’ll start to slowly realize it,
you’ll know,
you’ll feel it.
Look close enough,
and you will see
that you were the reflection all along.
And the reflection wasn’t a reflection at all
but simply a mask

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