As I walk by a window, I glance over

and see a person so lost and lonely

Sitting by the water, I glance over

And see a face so long and blue

I glance down into the sink and my mind takes me away

as I gaze at warm water hitting against my hands

I’m taking to place within my heart, it’s a feeling of

Loneliness, emptiness, and sadness

I look up and see the reflection of me

Wrinkled skin on my face that was once firm and glowing

Grey hair that was once golden brown

I wonder if there is anything I can do

to become youthful like I once knew

What is it I wonder that will heal this broken heart

Is it time that heals

Is it looking younger, feeling healthier

Is it Finding new romance

Who is to know what heals the heart

Perhaps it’s not the heart at all

But the mind that must be defined

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