Time was born in stillness, standing beside motivation lost
Mankind turned from the truth, hope came without a cost
Do you understand my perception? Misguided by your own reflection
As my image blinded your intention, my faith led me to my redemption
Still seeking to consume the strength you fear behind my every scar
Demoralizing all denomination, by doubt and control
To diversify civilization, temptation creeping behind my wisdom
Repeating the same attack, a never-ending cycle
As I fight with fire back, between a world less human
Getting darker as dead time, as cold as the stares around me
And their twisted shit-filled mind, tell me a bedtime story
Another fairy in your tail, one less lie against you
Although in the end you fail, as colors fade
Darker into illumination, only souls without a seed
Are blind to their creation
Moments turn into silence, thoughts become more sound
Creeping through the darkness
Watching death break through the ground
Above all truth, behind my eyes, I still see lost souls
As I hear their cries, take the silence of one moment
Make a thought more understood
Take one breath without a worry, make more time to do what's good
When looking in the mirror, let God be your frame
See behind your stare, heed the power of your soul
Give your heart to God, let Him take control
Be the light in someone's darkest hour
Between the weeds, be the flower
Yet today, I'm wiser than a whisper
I have more wit than a song, God never left my side
He was with me all along.

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This Poems Story

I am a Louisiana native. I grew up on the Bayou. Some of my most cherished memories were of silence, sunsets and nature that I shared with my brother, John, and our dad. I came from a broken home, yet nourished by my loving grandparents on both sides. My spiritual birth developed deeply as I encountered two near fatal car wrecks within a year apart. Therefore which led me to my creative writings through the hand of God. My credit goes out to Him, my one true love.